Monday, May 25, 2009

TNRM in Malaysia

Chinky has connected via email some people in Malaysia who want to start a TNRM programme. It's really great to see that TNRM is really expanding - and I know there are people who must have already been doing it there. However it's wonderful to see another group bringing TNRM to their community, and even raising funds within their community.

What's also great to see is the caregivers here who have been very helpful with their advice/time via email. When you first start out, I think there are many things you don't anticipate, and speaking with more experienced caregivers certainly helps. Also, it prevents you from reinventing the wheel - otherwise you make the same mistakes that others before you have already tried.

Let's hope that this group will also inspire more groups in Malaysia and beyond :)


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful news! I really hope that more can be done in Malaysia, because when I go there and see the stray cats, most of them look quite neglected. My daughter's piano teacher comes to my house and sees my 11 cats and she loves them all. She tells me that there are many strays in Johor Bahru.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to add that the piano teacher is Malaysian and comes from Johor Bahru. She says that she does not think there is an organised society catering to animal welfare in Johor Bahru, like CWS or SPCA.

Dawn said...

I'm not sure about Johor - but I do know there are other Malaysian welfare groups and other individuals who are trying to help the cats! :)

PigCat said...

I was talking to a few colleagues in the company I just joined recently. Cats came into the conversation somehow, and I pointed it out to them that it's not true that people feed cats and that's how the cat population grows like crazy. I told them that a lot of people who feed these community cats actually take them for sterilization and they were actually surprised and appeared to be totally ignorant of this. We're talking about well-educated executives here.

So I wondered how much of the negativity towards community cats today really arose because of pure ignorance.

Dawn said...

A lot of it would be my guess.

It also doesn't help that responsible caregivers aren't obvious - what most people see are the irresponsible feeders, or the remnants of food leftover.