Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ST (10-6-09)

Today's letter in the Straits Times brings up a good point - these dogs were microchipped but unlicensed. As imported dogs have to be microchipped, one wonders if someone at one point paid a great deal of money to buy these dogs, only to now abandon them. It also shows that you may have laws in place but without enforcement, it still isn't going to help curb abandonment.


Anonymous said...

This is like laws for child support/alimony (today's ST) but difficult to enforce prompt payment after divorce.
Acquiring the trophy dog takes mins but lifetime care for the dog goes on for years. People who dispose of pets like garbage cause problems for society & animal welfare groups. People who abandoned pets should be fined for anti-social behaviour.

Singapore Community Cats said...

These abandoned pedigrees remind me of these shihtzu's in far worst condition.

Were they from the nearby puppy mills?

Dawn said...

As you said Anonymous, the problem is enforcement. The law is good - but there has to be a better way of ensuring compliance.

Poor dogs - could have been from an owner who got tired of them too I guess.