Monday, September 28, 2009

Peacocks on Sentosa

Some of you may have read the article about peacocks on Sentosa. I remember seeing some of the signs when I was last there a few years ago, and here's a photo, a blogger took of the signs. What's especially interesting to me is that the peacocks are actually SEEN attacking the cars, but that most people seem to be okay with it, or rather that they understand what the peacocks are doing. Some people have even bought car covers, according to the story. This leads me to the question - are people on Sentosa just more accommodating to wildlife, or is it just because peacocks are rarer?


Wei Ling said...


People please stop being so discriminating!!!!

Just like how my friend hates crows cos they are black and seemed sinister, Singaporeans love things that are beautiful and 'pure'.

Isn't that why black cats are killed in Europe centuries ago?
Because of the 'evil' color?

And why African-Americans are treated as lower-class?

And why people tend to like someone who is pretty more than one who looks 'not that good'

Anonymous said...

If you park your car in a public space (including hdb carparks), it is at your own risk.

Dawn said...

Yes - and yet, people ask for cats to be removed and killed in a public car park!

Anonymous said...

Even Mr Mah Bow Tan in meeting the caregivers in Tampines recently, again tried to justify culling by citing "balance between cat lovers and residents whose complaints include cats scratching cars!"