Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cats at care community

Cats at care community, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

This morning I went down to a care community - a senior living community. It's a beautiful place with huge gardens and wide open spaces. There are also many facilities including a full dining room and function rooms. They also have regular movie screenings, music performances and speakers who come in. I walked around with one of the caregivers and she seemed to know most of the people there. One of the nice things about this place is that if someone should move in and run into financial difficulties, they have a fund to ensure that no one has to move out.

It is also home to several cats. I went down to speak with some of the caregivers about getting all the cats sterilised. Several of the cats have already been done - but there are still a few that haven't been sterilised yet. Now the challenge will be getting the ones that are more trap shy and handling some of the issues that have arisen. One of those issues is that some of the cats have had kittens in the roofs of some of the homes. Another is the location of the feeding spots.

Here are some of the caregivers watching the Alley Cat Allies video. I was also treated to a delicious home cooked meal by one of the caregivers - which goes to show caregivers are hospitable to all :)


eslina said...

Hope all the cats there will be sterilized soon. With wide open spaces, it must be a nice place for the senior residents and the cats to enjoy each others' company. The cats look very well-fed and happy too :)

Dawn said...

Yes - the cats are nice and well fed as you can see :)

Anonymous said...

Any threat-free open space with adequate shelter is a haven for community cats to live out their natural lives peacefully. If there are care-givers around, it will be perfect.
Actually void decks in HDB estates are perfect environment for community cats - except for threats - TCs and people with unreasonable fears and hates.

Dawn said...

Good point anonymous.