Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cat Cafe

A Japanese cat cafe - the cats certainly look very happy.


Anonymous said...

If this works in SG, cat care-givers cld start cat cafes at void decks and collect some money towards the feeding of community cats.
Not going to happen anytime soon ;(

eslina said...

There's 2 in HK - Choco Cat Cafe & The Cat Store and in Seoul, Korea (http://www.catcafe.co.kr/)

We do have cat cafes here at NTU & NUS. They're just not as comfy & sophisticated-looking cafes as the ones in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

It will be really nice to have cat cafes like the one in Japan in Spore too (and not just for pet cats but stray cats are also welcome too) ;o)

eslina said...

video at the cat store (HK) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVPj9wVmk5U

Man, the resident cats look VERY well fed ;o)

Dawn said...

Yes - I do think our cat cafes are nicer because they cater to helping manage and maintain community cats !