Monday, February 14, 2011


Deer, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

I've always wondered whether it was possible to run a TNR programme for deer. I'm glad to see they're trying it out now to see if it will work. I'm always sad that the deer are shot, or run over on the roads because deer, like cats, freeze when they see headlights.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

I tried finding for your e-mail contact from your previous blog and this current blog but to no avail. I'd like to discuss smtg about Cats and HDB.

Do you mind sending me a first e-mail at to start the conversation? Thanks.

Dawn said...

Sorry Anonymous - I must have accidentally switched that function off. It's fixed and I've sent you an email.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, can you give me some advice on the following situation, thks!
I have poured some vinegar with the intention of sucking up the smell outside a unit who complained about cats' pee and poo.

The next day i saw a handwritten notice on the wall to stop pouring vinegar at common corridor as it is an act of vandalism & mischief and it also has a police watch logo.
I think it's put up by one of the unit.

Can I confim if such acts are vandalism? I usually pour vinegar when i see cat urine/poo
upstairs to prevent them from coming up again. I did it all the time.
Can i explain that I did not do it with the intention to damage any property without any reason.
I did it due to a cat complaint. Hence it is not considered a vandalism?

Anonymous said...

hi, i desperately need a fosterer for 3 kittens that are 1 week old.. i do not have the time, space of experience to take care of kittens so young.. pls contact me at do u know any fosterer?? they are so young and need to be fed constantly.. but bringing them around is very inconvenient.. i dont want to spend them to spca..


Dawn said...

Hi Anonymous at 25th February, I'm sorry - for some reason the comment I posted didn't show up and I just realised it. It is definitely best to clear this up. You can check up the Vandalism Act in the statutes and it's arguable that vinegar may not constitute vandalism but it's best to clear this up. Do ask a lawyer to be sure though. You should explain why you did it to clear it up though as you were only trying to help.