Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cat stuck in Glue Trap

Here's more information on the poor cat stuck in a glue trap. One wonders what on earth they were trying to trap with a glue trap that large. Despite the fact that rodents MAY cause health problems, there is no reason any animal should be caught in a glue trap. Also, how does the AVA ensure that any other animals caught must be brought to the vet and/or rinsed off with baby oil? Glue traps should just be banned, period.


dimas geel said...

terrible :(

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Anonymous said...

I worked at a dairy foods facility some years ago, we used a pest control company that placed strategic 'glue traps' to catch rodents. They said that these are 'more humane' than catch-boxes or snap-traps, etc.
I found an old, misplaced glue trap that had about 10 dead & dedicated mice on it and it turned my stomach! Apparently, glue-stuck mice, unable to move, gnawed and ate each other (possibly the 'meal' was still alive, also stuck and unable to escape) for drink & food, until death. It was horrible! Death is never pleasant, but really, -I'd rather just see snap-traps useed. At least those are relatively quick.

D said...
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Dawn said...

I honestly don't know a glue trap could be more humane. I've used the catch and release ones and the supersonic ones but glue traps are probably the worst!