Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Animal conflicts

Here's an interesting article about trying to get birds (starlings) and people to live together. I really like what Mr Albarella says right at the end of the article.


yskat said...

This is a great article. I've always found Rome to be what Singapore isn't: tolerant, chaotic, and incredibly charming.

Anonymous said...

What a contrast to this place, where any animal nuisance complaints would immediately bring the government killing machine down upon them

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine went to Meet-the-MP session and after being interviewed by one of the grassroot volunteers, and after much details given, the volunteer scribbled two words on the form "cat nuisance"!
The sentence was passed before a trial!
HDB will also automatically assign "cat nuisance" to any feedback about cats!
It is damn bloody nuisance of HDB to ignore sensible argument against their "nuisance" stance to uphold the Cat Ban. It shows the kind of respect Mah Bow Tan has of HDB residents....who should "BE THANKFUL" they have cheap housing and now asking for a foot to keep cats!

Anonymous said...

Recently there is a letter in MY PAPER about swallows shitting everywhere..I think it was Yishun...and that some people have to carry an umbrella. The writer forgets that as long as we walk under a block of HDB block of flats, we have to carry umbrella because "secarly" soiled sanitary pads land on your heads and will be more "sway" than bird shit!!

As Dawn said, if we can spread the rumours that cats and birds are "holy" creatures and killing them means bad luck for many generations, they will be safe from our government-trigger-happy-to-call-shooters-and-pest-controller attitude!

Anonymous said...

BTW look out for shooters wearing NEA shooting at nest of crows! If you can take a photo of this cruel act, approved by AVA! AVA should prosecute itself for animal cruelty!