Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Relocating cat"

A good post sent in by Chinky - thanks Chinky. It refers to a letter sent in today apparently by the HDB saying that the cat would be 'relocated'. Relocation doesn't work as the blog writer noted - the problem is that it doesn't stop the owner from being irresponsible if that is the case. It does mean that there's another quick band-aid solution, without solving the inherent problem.

I think the main problem is that no wants to take on the cat issue because it means more work for them - the TCs don't want it. HDB doesn't want it. Just because it's unpleasant or means more work doesn't mean that it should be ignored - regulation of cat ownership, not a ban is probably going to result in LESS work overall, because there are likely to be less complaints. This is because (1) cat owners who have guidelines now are more likely to follow them as opposed to now, where anything goes and (2) people will stop complaining for frivolous reasons - or at least these complaints can be ignored if there is no good reason for them. Right now HDB deals with repeat complaints with no merit just because a cat is present.

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