Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wild Boars

So it looks like in Singapore there is friction when it comes to cats - whereas in Berlin, they also have wild boars . As with cats, shooting them is not bringing the population down - so there must be another way to handle the problem, more effectively AND more humanely.


Anonymous said...

How horrible. People always forget that we are far more dangerous to the animals than they are to us.

Anonymous said...

For too long, human beings have been led, encouraged by some religious beliefs, to believe we alone have the rights to this earth...and yeah the rights to destroy it as well.
The mentality is also the reason for our killing spree amongst agencies like the AVA and TC, that even if one human being complain about cats or dogs, they are to be deciminated as "nuisance".

It is time for us to acknowledge that WE, all living beings, have to right to live and we the human beings, have to use our intelligence to learn to co-exist and not to destroy non-human species!

Anonymous said...

We also have to get rid of this mentality of what is ugly deserves to be destroyed.
Beauty and Ugliness are external and hence deserving.
We have no right to rationalise killing an "ugly" creature!
Instead we must look at despised ugly creatures with compassion.

Ivan said...

I see a need to control wild boar numbers, given the great risk to human safety. But it appears that shooting is definitely not an ideal solution.

Perhaps some form of contraception, combined with measures to exclude wild boars from certain areas might be a more viable solution.

It does make me shake my head and think about we in Singapore have it easy compared to so many other urban places. It's not like we've got polar bears rummaging through our trash, deer running across our highways, and cougars stalking joggers in the park.