Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Animal Day

World Animal Day, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Happy World Animal Day everyone. As we reach another World Animal Day, it reminds me of how much animals enrich our lives and bring us so much joy. I hope that everyone will learn to at least tolerate, if not love, the animals around us.


calsifer said...

Nice montage! From your own phot stash?

I feel rather morose about the situation for our community cats, and gave vent to it here. What do you think?

calsifer said...

PS: Are you aware if it is true that HDB can slap a $4,000 fine for kitty stashing? Did they change the rules?

Dawn said...

Yes they are :)

I agree with what you say about there being a lot of ignorance/negligence/cruelty. The only bright light I CAN say I see though is that the caregiver movement is much stronger and more united than when I first got involved in animal welfare. People are more willing to get involved and help out - and that is something that I think is extremely positive. With enough of a grassroots movement, I believe that things WILL change - though sadly as you noted, not timely enough to help community cats out there.

And yes, that was always on the rule books!

Anonymous said...

Poor kitties & their care-givers do not have much support in hdb areas. On a happy note, the scared-looking Siamese-X (at bottom R) cat was adopted. Follow-up visits show a good home. Cat's new name is Sugar or Sweetie or something like that!

eslina said...

Happy World Animal Day :D

calsifer said...

Eeks... is that figure per household or per cat? *gloom*