Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dog and Cat People

Scout watching River, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

I've had this discussion with people before - are dog and cat people different in terms of personality? A new study seems to suggest they may be.

How accurate do you think this is in terms of your personality?


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. But there's quite a bit of generalisation too. I just adore cats and find them irresistible but I like dogs too. I don't think I'm neurotic and I seriously doubt if anyone will describe me as that. Open? Definitely. I've got 4 cats at home and hey, I'm a guy!

Dawn said...

I agree - and the fact that you're a guy who has four cats shows that the thing about only women having cats is another generalisation :)

yskat said...

This doesn't look like a very good survey: instead of trying to find out if labels such as "cat people" & "dog people" are even meaningful, it assumes that these categories already exist with a large degree of fixity. It also doesn't take into account how some people may get a cat or a dog depending on the kind of personality they're trying to project. This is important since "cat people" and "dog people" stereotypes have been around long before the study was conducted, and would have shaped the subjects' responses.

Dawn said...

That's a good point yskat.