Friday, January 15, 2010

Polish 'speaking' dog

Thanks to Chinky for this funny article. What's also nice is that the staff of the shelter went a step further to try and figure out why the dog was not responding. It also reminds me of a friend of mine who is German but insists on speaking to her cats in English because she adopted them in the US :)


Suzanne Ma said...

Hi There,

I'm a reporter with a Manhattan local news website,

A few weeks ago we spotted a stray cat on the East Broadway subway platform in NYC's Chinatown. I also saw and a plate of kibbles and cat food tins near by.

I decided to investigate and found one New Yorker who was feeding the feline:

This week, I’ve followed up on this story, talking to a woman who has tried to rescue the cat and bring her in, and I also learned more about feral cats in the city from the Humane City of New York.

Here’s the newest story:

Please feel free to spread these stories around to your friends and colleagues, and to cat blogs and websites.

Dawn said...

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