Monday, February 1, 2010

Cat complaints and the HDB

Someone just sent me this article again - and it reminded me of the fact that we have been told in the past there are 200 complaints about cats every year. I'm assuming the number remains about stable. If there are supposedly 1600 complaints which comprise 0.2% of the HDB population,(and bear in mind that again we have no idea how these complaints are broken down in terms of repeat complaints, etc) then that means the percentage of people who complain about cats works out to 0.025% of all HDB dwellers.

Also, the Minister mentioned that often in private disputes, it is one person's word against another's and that it is often not clear who is in the wrong. In addition, he mentions that it is not possible for the HDB to resolve private disputes between residents.

I wonder what then is the rationale for the bylaws that ban cats - considering that it affects such a tiny portion of the HDB population and based on the fact that the Minister has said that the HDB doesn't step into private disputes. I agree that it is not HDB's job to step in when it comes to private disputes - but what can be more private than your decision to own a cat?

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