Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cats on the farm

Cats on the farm, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Some of you may remember that I mentioned reading a book, Eating Animals, that left an impact on me.

I've never been into food just because it's organic or free range - mostly because those terms are so badly defined/regulated that they really don't mean anything, except to mean you pay more in the supermarket.

I'm fortunate to find myself living now within access of some farms so we went down over the weekend to visit one of those farms and pick up eggs. It's too snowy for the chickens to come out and walk around on the pasture right now (and the clear path that the cats are lying on are because the path was cleared), but they were allowed out around the egg-mobile. We picked up some eggs - and farm fresh eggs really do taste the best.

One of the other interesting things was that the farmer and his family had feral cats that lived in the barn - they were moved there by a cat rescue. Here are the cats rolling in the sun - I also got to see a cat dig and bury in snow for the first time :)


suzanna said...

Dawn, you are so lucky to be able to enjoy all this! :)

Dawn said...

Actually suzanna - one of the Singaporean organic farms adopted two cats from CWS. I know they even deliver their vegetables and that there are now a few local, organic farms. Go check them out - I will the next time I'm in Singapore!

Singapore Community Cats said...

Neutered presumably :)

Dawn said...

Yes - the farmer mentioned a new cat just appeared and he's getting his cat trap ready to get it sterilised :)