Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AVA says no caregivers ask to be on the cat sterilisation programme

This is interesting - according to the AVA now, while the SCRS is back in place (now called the Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme - though if it sounds like a duck, and quacks like a duck.... :)) no caregiver has asked the AVA about it. This is rather strange as I know caregivers who have approached their TCs about it - because they were told this was the proper way to go about it.

On the other hand, since the AVA has said no caregivers have approached them, perhaps the best thing to do now is to write in and ask the AVA how you can be included on the programme. As the letter says, you can email or call - the email address is as given in the letter. You may also want to copy the CEO, Ms Tan, at and the Chairperson at


san said...

Ok. Did this already. Lets see the reply.

san said...

Mr Ek Hee LOU" said that I need to obtain a written agreement from my town council in order to participate in the SCRS programme. So it seems that you can approach your TC or write to the AVA and the AVA will tell you to go to your TC. Can it be the case that the TC did not forward the agreements?

Dawn said...

Thanks San.

Or that the TCs are the ones that don't agree. If you haven't done so, do ask your TC too.