Thursday, October 2, 2008

Defenders of Wildlife Advertisement

This is certainly very disturbing. Shooting wolves from planes? Factcheck does add some clarifying details, but it certainly seems that most of it is true. Shooting animals is already terrible in my book - shooting animals with an unfair advantage is much, much worse.


Anonymous said...

The book "Never Cry Wolf" by Farley Mowat made me look at wolves in a different light decades ago. Whether the book was fictional/non fictional - it is still a good read.

Dawn said...

I love that book!

Anonymous said...

Digress a little : This morning the anti-feline middleage-cockroach- and old-goat- looking dj duo from local station morning belt spoke about a newspaper report of a guy throwing his sister's maltese dog out of the window from the 22th floor. as the cockroach-looking one expressed disgust over the act, the old goat sarcastically said "not as if it had been a cat since a cat has 9 lives". they then followed this statement with an extended silent pause effect. therefore, as a listener, my interpretation is : That it is ok to throw an animal from the 22th floor especially if it is a cat. Shame, shame on you old goat-face!

Dawn said...

Sigh - since when is abuse funny? You know as many times as it has failed to work, I still think it's a good idea to write in and lodge a protest anyway. It's sad that behaviour like this goes unnoticed and unremarked upon. if enough people spoke up in protest (and stopped listening to their show), the radio stations would have to notice. Right now, they know it's good controvesy.

calsifer said...
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Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Informative sites Calsifer. I think Defenders of Wildlife are taking this opportunity to mention this again as well because it is worrying that Sarah Palin is running for VP of the US. One wonders how supportive she will be of other animal welfare issues.

Dawn said...

Sorry Calsifer I accidentally removed your post.

Here is Calsifer's post again :-

This has been going for a goodly number of years. It is SLAUGHTER pure and simple, just like the Japanes/Nowegian/Icelandic whale killing.

Wolves are supposed to be protected - a CITIZENS initiative banned aerial gunning since 1996, but the last two governors forced through aerial hunting of wolves as necessary protection for prey animals and people, when it is human hunters who are decimating them and taking more lives for useless trophies than the wolves do to survive. (Ref: Aerial wolf hunting flies again in Alaska)

Again, like whale slaughtering, aerial wolf gunning, is something that the general public would disapprove of but is continuing due the sheer power of lobby and political pandering.

Shooting one wolf kills many even without the aerial advantage of increasing the potential of shooting more than one.

The wolves of Alaska are extremely disadvantaged. This is extra cruel for the species' survival especially if it is one or both of the alpha pair that gets shot since only the alpha have the right to breed. Due to the social hierarchy of wolf packs, the pack disintegrates under the intense sudden stress to the social fabric. The remaining pack members will likely disperse, and die one by one. If the alpha female has new babies - the young pups starve to death.

There's quite a few sites and movements to overturn this barbarism. Disturbing, it is being applied to bears as well. Even more perturbing, other states with strong hunting lobbies are trying to ape them.

Good ref site:

Another one:

Anonymous said...

Ignorance, hate and bigotry..Sarah Palin embodies everything that is wrong with small town USA. Moreover she is bad news for the environment and for animal welfare. They say that tens of thousands attend her rallies but I don't know what the appeal is cause I sure aint seeing it.

EJ. said...

Wolves are one of the most misunderstood creatures on earth.
Don't know why they are so hated to the point of being over-hunted and senselessly killed.
Those coward hunters!

Palin? Her motto of 'Drill,baby,drill' is more like 'kill,baby,kill!'
More oil drillings will destroyed the beautiful Alaska's landscape and wildlife.

Anonymous said...

What Sarah Palin is, is a redneck who gives dumb blonds a run for their money.

Dawn said...

I was not at all reassured by the VP debate today that she'd be good for animal welfare or the environment.