Monday, October 6, 2008

No feeding cats with CWS photos

No feeding cats with CWS photos, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

I saw this sign the other day when I was out and have just sent it to CWS. If they're interested in solving the problem (and I have spoken to some feeders in the area in the past and I do think there is some validity) then this might be a good starting point to work with them. If not, they should at least take those photos off, since those are CWS' photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, does that mean you are back for rest and relax :)

Anyone read about the 7 yr old Australian boy who broke into a Reptile centre, killing some animals and feeding them to crocodile.

It's sad how children can be these days, the world is advancing and so are the children?? I guess too much videogames for kids these days, xbox, gameboy etc.

Where are those snake & ladder, happy family, snap card games...

EJ. said...

The 7yr old boy's killings was headline news worldwide.
Worse, he cannot be persecuted as he is only 7. Indeed too much of violent electronic games. :(

Dawn said...

Very observant Anonymous :)

Yes - and for those of you who didn't read the story, here it is :-

ej - I am inclined to think that it isn't video games. There is something seriously disturbed about this boy. The authorities said he had absolutely no expression on his face - so it's not even as if he 'enjoyed' it. Clearly it's not something you hope ANYONE enjoys, but the lack of any emotion strikes me as being potentially even more chilling. I really hope they get this boy help and soon before he gets older and graduates on to other violent acts.

ordinary guy said...

It is also very sad to see occasionally news articles about pets being abused. The recent incidents of the cat having its belly slit open speaks very much of our society nowadays. On the surface, humans may look normal. benrath, an evil lurks. We were always taught to love creatures and take care of them, or at least do no harm to strays. The character of a nation can be seen in the ways how its citizens treat strays.