Thursday, October 23, 2008

HDB flats

Thanks to Chinky for sending this in which was ostensibly about banning dogs in HDB flats, but again, we see Tan Khuan Khoon chiming in. The man really has an axe to grind and won't see reason. As I tried to explain to him, cats don't need to be trained because they are naturally toilet trained, but where are community cats supposed to use the toilet? Perhaps if he would be willing to set up a sand tray in his garden?

I always wonder how someone can claim with a straight face that they love animals and then proudly proclaim that they have killed so many of them. I also don't believe the SPCA approves of him getting rid of the cats :)


Anonymous said...

Majority of Cats' Lovers are not realistic about responsibilities.

I note that lauchinky joined as a cats� lover trying to get at me because I got rid of more than 300 cats over the years with the full knowledge of AVA.

I had proved that Cats Welfare Society (CWS) is not correct in their call for their natural procreate. Their ideology is to replace the one taken away, but is not practical in our highly urbanized city.

I question; who is responsible for the nuisances caused by the stray cats or dogs? How many cats� lover trains their cats especially toilet�s training?

Do you not think that feeding strays is cruel when I was corrected by cats� lovers during our arguments when I said that most of the poor creatures do not survived more than 4 .....
Posted by: Tan Tuan Khoon at Thu Oct 23 01:51:27 SGT 2008

Dawn said...

Yes - I have to say I have no idea what parts of the comments mean. Replace the one taken away? It's as if he read an article about TNRM and the vacuum effect very quickly and didn't understand any of it. Also what is 'their natural procreate'?

eslina said...

He doesn't make any sense at all. What is he trying to say anyway?? Gosh he's the nuisance and annoying one! - not the stray cats or dogs.

Anonymous said...

May 24, 2008
Stray cats - SPCA replies
I REFER to the online letter by Mr Tan Tuan Khoon, 'Remarks light-hearted and responsible' (May 16), on the subject of stray cats in relation to recent comments made by radio DJs.

It is incorrect to assume that feeding stray cats is cruel: The real cruelty would be condoning the starvation of helpless animals. We may be living in a highly urbanised city but a solution to the problem of stray cats would not be found through starving them.

The writer does not appear to have a proper understanding of the issue and his erroneous statements seem to illustrate this. The SPCA thanks Ms Siau Li Chao for writing to the forum, 'To err is human, not animal' (Wednesday), to clarify and to put the debate in perspective.

There will always be insensitive remarks by those who have a dislike for stray cats, but these remarks are not constructive, nor do they contribute to solving the issue. Highlighting stray cats as a 'nuisance' problem and suggesting that people be fined for feeding strays will not foster good relations among the community. In light of the recent cases involving cat abuse where several cats were killed, it is not responsible to emphasise personal or biased views which influence the masses.

Only with the Government and community combining efforts to reduce the stray cat population, and using humane measures like sterilisation, can we hope to see a marked improvement.

Deirdre Moss (Ms)

Executive Officer


Anonymous said...

May 24, 2008
Pot calling the kettle black
THE report on Tuesday, 'Jurong dogged by strays: Cat & dog lovers at odds', brings back the issue of who is responsible.

The AVA and town councils deal with strays, but they cannot be everywhere all the time. Fanatical cat or dog lovers should appreciate that it is more humane to cull them than to let them suffer and die a slow painful death.

I am an animal lover myself and I used to keep dogs and cats together with birds and rabbits when I was young, but gave them up when I could not find the time to take care of them any more.

I have been vilified for my views, but fanatical cat lovers have refused to acknowledge facts.

Am I or the public to be responsible for the various nuisances caused by cats or cat owners? Why must I close my doors and windows or spend time and money to install 'scare-crows', etc, to prevent cats from entering my home? Who is responsible for the cat's lice/fleas that once infested my home owing to kittens brought into the ceiling by the mother?

I believe that trapping and sending strays to the AVA for disposal is the most effective way for it reduces nuisance problems by at least 90 per cent.

Cats should be tagged with micro-chips like dogs. Not only will it bring disease under control, but cases of nuisance can be traced back to the owner. The Cat Welfare Society's 'vacuum effect theory' is not practical in our highly urbanised society. I know of cat lovers/owners who agree with me. Why are fanatical cat lovers against stray dogs and not cats? This is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Tan Tuan Khoon

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amazing how he repeatedly called himself an animal lover!

kaori said...

kentucky fried cruelty. This man thinking is obviously twisted.

Anonymous said...

xxx likes attention - and the only way he could get any is to spew garbage.
The more attention he gets with his wild claims and utterances of the mad, the happier he will be. Ignore him or if you are one of the truly saintly ones - be his friend.

Dawn said...

I like the KFC comment :)