Friday, August 21, 2009

Best friends Fur-ever

Something sweet for a Friday.


Anonymous said...

When a koi in our pond is sick or dying, fellow kois would try to prop sick fish up or 2 wld line up parallel to sick fish. That is so touching. It happened to several fish (over 20+ yrs) so it is not an isolated incident.

Brad F. said...

That was an interesting article. It's neat how on rare occasions, animals that would normally be predator and prey will befriend or even nurture each other. It makes me wonder just how much of the behavior we call instinct is in fact learned behavior.

Dawn said...

Yes I used to think fish were dumb till I saw that!

Brad F - that's an interesting thought. I have however seen animals duck when they see an 'enemy' so there must be some instinct involved. Whatever it is, these are extraordinary animals.