Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foster Kittens


I was down at Alley Cat Allies again yesterday and saw these cuties, all of whom are up for adoption. I had to post a bunch of photos of them because they're so adorable - then again, which kitten isn't? :)

ACA obviously doesn't usually foster kittens, but these were picked up by a staff member from a colony that was being TNRed. You can go to this site to find out more. If you happen to be in the area, and would like to adopt them, the contact information is on the link I just provided.

The kittens were all hissy and frightened two weeks ago - now they're all getting socialised, and getting much friendlier. Of course, this doesn't mean obviously that everyone should run around 'rescuing' kittens as you all well know. LQtalways be sure you HAVE foster homes before taking them in and then realising you have nowhere to put them. Also be realistic about your chances of adopting them out. You don't want to end up with 10 cats at home.

I was emailing a caregiver in Singapore the other day and she was trying to rehome a mother and kittens. She caught the mother - but the kittens couldn't be caught according to her. If the kittens are too young, and you remove the mother while she is still nursing, be aware the kittens could very well die. Also, do NOT remove a nursing kitten unless you have the capability to nurse the kittens. Even then, mother's milk is always preferable.

Again, I know I say this all the time, but do remember, just because a very young, nursing kitten is sitting in the middle of the field does not mean there is no mother cat around. The mother cat may well have gone to look for food and will return. If you have ascertained over many hours that there is no mother cat, then you might consider having to remove the kitten. Also as one well-meaning person did, please do not stand over the kitten - the mother cat may well not return in that case.
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