Friday, December 11, 2009


This is a really interesting article on hoarding - and apparently they've now made a tv show about it!


eslina said...

I caught an episode of Hoaders on tv and it's really sad to see how these hoarders struggle with their mental disorder. A couple whose profession was to re-design other people's houses by just simply re-arranging their furniture around were hoarders and live in a mess in their own home which I find quite ironic but fortunately for them, with professional help, they are on the road to recovery. A lady who was evicted once got evicted again as it was hard for her to throw away the smallest item from her apartment, even after professional help.

The big challenge for these hoarders is not just simple cleaning up and throwing away but psychological and mental disorder that they have to overcome.

Dawn said...

Exactly eslina - and that's also why just removing the objects/cats/furniture/etc is not going to help. It's a long road to recovery.