Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What do cats do all day?

This was interesting - and I wonder why it is that most of the time when we look at cats, they're sleeping then? It would be interesting if it was done with even more cats.


Anonymous said...

Add up numbers and it is 69%. What about the rest of 30%? 6% of 24 hrs is 1.5 hrs. My cats wld consider 1.5 hrs of sleep as warming-up before turning over for some serious sleeping.

Dawn said...

Good point - I think this is probably flawed, but I do find the Kitty Cam idea pretty fascinating!

Anonymous said...

A pet cam that sends images to your computer wld allow owner to track outdoor pet's whereabouts.
In SG, cat collars are stolen off community cats. A Kitty Cam wld not stay long on a friendly outdoor cat. If cat is indoors, gadget loses its novelty value after a few days.