Friday, August 20, 2010

Belgium plans to sterilise all cats by 2016

Again I have to say - if Belgium has plans to do it, why can't Singapore? If there are so many complaints about abandonment and cats being thrown on the streets, thus adding to the cat population by the authorities, then these are the steps that are needed to be taken. I like how pet shops will be made to sterilise all cats that they sell as well.

The problem honestly is lack of political will in Singapore - if not, we could be done way before 2016. It's amazing how much caregivers have already accomplished on their own with barely any support - and if their hard work was carried through to its logical conclusion, based on Singapore's size, we would be done with sterilisation of all cats in a few years. Given the necessary logistics (both in terms of money and just support), Singapore could really have had a world first that we could be proud of.

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