Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Killing of dogs in Bali ineffective in stemming rabies

It's a shame that yet another government has decided to take the short term (and ineffective) approach rather than embark on a sterilisation and vaccination programme. Equally sad is the fact that there seem to be insufficient rabies post-exposure vaccines around.

As the article notes, killing the dogs is ineffective and in fact probably hurts as the vacuum effect will kick in. If you are ever in a situation where a dog seems aggressive, this article gives some tips - it also notes that ALL dogs can bite, but that they may not do so out of aggression, but out of fear.

It is also good to be careful when approaching a dog - just the other day, I bent down and offered my hand to an acquaintance's dog. However I forgot cardinal rule Number One : ask the owner first because I assumed the dog would remember me. It was twilight, and there were some other dogs barking, that stressed my acquaintance's dog out. So I got a nip on my knuckles, which was entirely my fault.


Orlando Puppies said...

The vaccine doesn't do anything, it's the immunoglobin shot that actually treats and prevents the disease. The immunoglobin is a bit expensive however and that is usually the problem in poor countries.

Dawn said...

Thanks for that piece of information - the article mentioned a post-exposure vaccination and I was confused.