Monday, August 30, 2010

HDB update

For all those who asked to be updated, so far Dr Tan has not been contacted directly by the HDB, though they asked the newspaper for his details as I mentioned. I do hope that the HDB reconsiders the rule, rather than penalise someone who was brave enough to speak out against it and put his (and his cats) neck on the line.

The HDB has said in the past that no one has ever approached them to say they want cats in flats - but who would dare? It's like the Nazis asking Jews to please just 'register' with them during World War II.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn

Thanks for the update. I'm anonymous 6.29 (haha). Also, in my haste about asking how chek wee is, forgot to add, great post about the ruling on the ban of cats in HDB!

Dawn said...

Thanks :)

Chat said...

Hello Dawn,

We're a group of students from Nanyang Girls' High School who are currently working on a project on cats in our school. We were referred to you by a teacher, Mrs Seah. We heard that you came to our school management a few years ago regarding the cats in our school. Our previous principal has stepped down last year and thus we would like to invite you to our school once again to talk to the school management as there is currently some concern over the issue of stray cats in our school. Please contact us at We hope to hear good news from you soon!

Yours Sincerely,
C.H.AT Nanyang
Nanyang GĂ­rls' High School

Anonymous said...

HDB should be concentrating its energy (tax-paid) by controlling the nuisance caused by FTs crowded into HDB flats (free-roaming FTs make such flats seem like hotels!) instead of intimidating HDB dwellers who keep cats responsibly. Like many other national issues, this gahmen is becoming unpopular as it is becoming like a dictator! It makes up its mind and outwardly appears to be consultatory but it really doesn't care a hoot about what you people think or want! One cannot reason with a dictator!

Dawn said...

Hi Chat Nanyang - just to let you know that I emailed you a few days ago. Not sure if you got my message as I didn't hear back from you, so just letting you know I got in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
What's the update on this? Are Dr Tan and his cats going to be persecuted by the HDBzis?

Any idea if anyone wrote in to mypaper in support of Dr Tan's letter?

(whose login id somehow fails to recognise the same password used to get into my mailbox)

Dawn said...

No updates to report - which is good.

I am not aware of anyone else writing in, but perhaps there were.

Cotton said...


I just wrote in to tell them of my strong objection to the anti-cat rule.

They asked for my address, but I'm hesitant to give it in case they hold it against me.

At least now they can't say that no one has ever requested cats in HDB flats before.

Thanks for your galvanizing post, Dawn!

Dawn said...

Thank YOU Cotton for writing in - and there is no need to give them your address if you don't want to. You can always cite Dr Tan's case as reason why you are afraid to do so.