Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Abuse or hoarding?

I heard about this case and was waiting for more details and here they are. Also as Anonymous in the last post said, do go to the SPCA website for more information.

While some people are suspecting abuse, my guess is that it's a hoarder. Why? There's the presence of two kinds of food bags - dog and cat food. Also the sheer number of cats is to me fishy. Yes it's possible that there is someone killing all these cats - but in most abuse cases we've seen, the bodies are thrown out. In this case, someone has taken quite a lot of trouble to conceal the deaths. We'll find out more and hopefully whomever it is will be stopped.


autumnpiglet said...

45 cats is alot. I'm surprised at the number.

Despite what an interviewee said about not knowing that there are cats around the area, there is actually a house near Seletar Road (2 mins walk away) that has close to 100 cats.

Anonymous said...

The person(s) who disposed of the 45 dead cats has/have to be someone hoarding a large number of cats. How many people have 45+++ cats? Possible suspects are not difficult to identify. If caught and abuse established, the hoarder should to be severely persecuted to send a message to other hoarders.

These hoarders are not kind, they are emotionally sick. Sad to hear about the dead cats but there are probably more cats still living with hoarders. In addition, there are people who help hoarders with cash, food or even clean up their houses. Their contributions enable the hoarders to continue/expand their activities. It is like enabling an addict by supporting their addiction. Unfortunately in this case, the addiction is cats.

This is not a surprise at all-it has to happen sooner or later.

What is hoarding?

Recent cases of hoarding:

Anonymous said...

Why can't they use fingerprinting to trace the culprit, instead of leaving everything to SPCA. I'm sure the police has the means to catch the abuser, they just can't be bothered to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, interesting thoughts. Im not sure if fingerprints can be used in this case, but im sure if the police applies the same forensics to catch a muderer and cat killer, cat hoarder, the truth can be found out sooner.

On a seperate note, I had a cat that was trapped in a vacant building for 2 weeks and more! The police can do all in there power to find out who it is but they didn't take the action (and the poor cat has to be trapped in there because no one wants to give me the contact for the owner etc..)
In the end, SPCA deirdre called up the central police station (who governs the neighbourhood police)and gave them a good piece of her mind. Within the morning, they found the agent, and kitty was resuced. It was during the New year period too.

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, I didnt read the report properly. Still...so many people already went in and out of the crime scene, even the news reporters were allowed to handle the evidence. That shows that their not taking it seriously.

Anonymous said...


I didn't think this was an abuse case too and the new paper was quick to put cat killer (sensational reporting again).

But what perplexes me is why bury at such a prominent spot...?

Anonymous said...

So you're the one who posted the message on pets.sg? Good to hear that the cat has been rescued and unharmed! The stupid police doesn't do anything about cases related to animals. I know that a dept for animals(like what they show on Animal planet) is too much to ask but they should at least give SPCA or some other organization the ability to prosecute abusers.

Anonymous said...

sorry but i dun understand why you can tolerate such acts from the police. I would have made a hell lot of noise at the station. Lock me up if they want, if they can.. i just want my cat back!

Dawn said...

Yes I'm not sure if there are fingerprints that can be traced. Also I think the press went down before the police were alerted from what I can see.

Anonymous - if the cat is caught in a building you may in the future want to do a search with the Registry of Companies (if it is a Company) or with the Land Registry. that will give you the person's name and address.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn

Thanks. Tried inlis but wasn't able to access the information on my side here. Very frustrating. I didnt try the registry of companies but thanks for the info.

Hey anonymous
What good will it do to you and the cat if you are locked up?

BUT, i was blindsighted by the police in believing that there's NOTHING they could do. Nobody wanted to give me any information or would give me because its just a cat that's lost (i've dealt with agents before, after many calls and emails, they didn't even go down), but its a different story if the police call.

Also, on the side note, was very angry with the AVA! A shopkeeper has the owner's details but said he'll have to call a "friend" to ask if he has. How can a tenant not have the owners contact? And guess what the AVA said when i said that the owner received my note on his front door, they said, the owner has no obligation to reply to that! Who would want to call and provide any information after letting them know that!

And the AVA is wrong! The note stated that there's a cat trapped in there and its dieing. He read it and chuck on the floor. I was told i should make a police report on this.

Dawn said...

Hi Anonymous, you could. I've dealt with a few cases like this and it can be very frustrating. I have to say that sometimes it's just being very, very persistent. I also know of someone who broke a lock when help didn't seem forthcoming!

Anonymous said...

i really wanted to break the window or kick the door down. I've heard of people climbing windows etc but is all this really necessary if help is forthcoming.

Thanks for the tips. I hope it never happens again and im going to do something about all this.

Dawn said...

The problem is that help sometimes doesn't seem forthcoming like in your case :)

I would never advocate you break the law wantonly of course, but I can see why the person I know of did go in. I believe the case was sort of similar to yours.