Saturday, February 14, 2009

Does this look like a suffering cat to you?

Cat lolling, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Thank you Chinky for sending this to me.

I seriously doubt that putting an animal down is 'humane' just because community cats MAY have a shorter life. Also if cats on the street have a tough life, then shouldn't we be kinder to them instead of killing them?

If one follows this argument to its logical extreme, then if for example there are children who live in slums and have a tough life, ought they to be killed? Certainly they are in all likelihood more inclined to live shorter lives than the rest of us, because of hazards on the street as well. If you follow this warped logic, then charities who help to alleviate their suffering, educate these children, and try and feed and clothe them ought to be closed down. Instead the children should be killed! Does anyone seriously believe that?

Let's not forget people who are genetically predisposed to a terminal illness. Following this logic again, hey they should be killed! Not only are they very likely to suffer, they are almost certainly going to live shorter lives. If we take this ridiculous argument to its conclusion, then all these people ought to be dispatched with, pronto.

We can't predict life, nor the quality of life. Are most cats on the streets happy? Yes - unless they are ill-treated, abused or caught to be killed. And many of these cats actually live very long lives - I would argue that very often their lives are cut short precisely because they are caught and killed. If left on their own, they would live out their normal lifespans. It's not unusual at all now to see community cats that are older, healthy and well taken care of. With concerned community caregivers, many are given vet care and good nutrition. If the people trapping them, or calling up to complain about them would just leave them alone, then they wouldn't have miserable lives.

Want to be truly humane? Start a TNRM programme.


Anonymous said...

Actually we are all born to suffer diseases (cancer is becoming an epidemic), to suffer stress of not getting what we want in life, to suffer the loss of loved ones, to suffer dying, to suffer death.
Hey, perhaps we should all line up at AVA to be culled! and thank Mr Tan for his great insight!

EJ. said...

Unfair Unfair to all taxpayers! Why did AVA support this fellow's ideas and beliefs by giving him unlimited subsidies in loan traps and cullings?

'He said: 'There should be limits on the number of cats that can be kept in one household. We have that for birds like chickens and ducks, why not for cats?'
- 300 innocent cats. Enough is enough, there should be limits for his free rides from AVA. He should be capped at these 300's culling subsidies.

On the other hand, comm.cats caregivers got no subsidy for their the humane sterilisation's belief.Other than a fly-by-night cats sterilisation program during SARS, no help from AVA at all.
Come on AVA, how about channeliling some dole for a strong national no-cull policy?

Dawn said...

I totally agree EJ. That's also my concern - and it is basically a lot of taxpayers' money is being channelled to one guy. Say putting a cat down costs $30, that means that this guy has already spent more than $9000 of taxpayers' money. How about making HIM pay at least?

Anonymous said...

Money59 sounds like the serial cat culler.

Anonymous said...

These losers should at least be made to pay for each cat they kill. Since PAP is so big on "self reliance", they should stop handing out free culling services for people to take advantage of. Why is this TTK individual getting so much "airtime" anyway? I reckon he's revelling in his notoriety like a good old attention whore.

ps. Maybe it is the killer. Or maybe its TTK himself. I know he surfs the net quite actively. I've seen him post on stomp and straits times forum.

EJ. said...

Right Dawn, that's alot of funding to him for his tyrannic evil deeds.
AVA need to wake up and dissolve this cruel and unfair partnership.

Money59 certainly sounds like him.
A good old attention whore can certainly sleep better and in peace than him. Killers can never sleep well.

Dawn said...
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Anonymous said...

If the cats are being put down because they are "suffering", then humans should be put down too! We have humans who fall into drains or get into accidents, litter all over the place, spread diseases too, don't we?

Dawn said...

Good point Anonymous!