Monday, February 9, 2009

Moose and Kitten kiss

Here's a sweet photo.

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Anonymous said...

NEA, effective 1 April, will have stiffer penalties for litterbugs.
They stressed that they must tackle source of the problem which is littering.

Why can't MPs also understand that the source of the problem for most stray cats is abandonment and irresponsible owners letting pets out to roam. They should increase penalties for such offenders as well!

The govt should really be grateful that there are a group of dedicated volunteers and cat lovers, together with CWS working on TNRM to reduce stray cat population. They don't even need to pay a single cent for our service! How can they even think that culling is a solution?!

I am definitly not associating stray cats with rubbish but like litter dumping which is common in the surroundings, cats will always be part of the environment too! We do not deal with the litter (produced by human) and cats, we deal with the offenders.