Friday, February 6, 2009

More speculation on the Seletar Cats

When I saw the headline to this article, I groaned - unfortunately there are already people in this article talking about how the cats' remains must be disposed of in the same manner in which birds culled after avian flu are taken care of. Of course, the fact that these cats are highly unlikely to have anything that is contagious to people was not mentioned. Neither is the fact that FIV, or as it is colourfully referred to in the paper, "Cat Aids", is not in transmissible to people.


Singapore Community Cats said...

I felt the same way. This will press the panic button! The cats at the temple are all tipped ears but this fact was not mentioned. Hope AVA will clarify soon before culling ensues.

Elin! said...

hey check me! :)

Anonymous said...

We have a confirmed FIV cat and it has been with us for 6 years. A FIV cat lives normal life just like other cats only infected cats should live separately from other non-FIV cats.

Why bring out FIV in cats just bec there are 45 dead cats in Seletar? Or cat flu? The article (have you got the correct one Dawn?) will make some cat owners panic and believe that cats could spread diseases to humans or there is an outbreak with 45 dead cats.
Room for rumours and causing fears with such reporting.

autumnpiglet said...

The link you provided went back to the first article about the Seletar Hills cats that was published on Wednesday.

I think this is the link you want on today's story.,4136,191897,00.html?

Dawn said...

OOps thanks for the catch guys - link corrected.

Anonymous said...

Anyone read the Property Bulletin written by Wong Wei Chen in the ST CATS section "Tips for high rise living - Keeping pets" dated 30 January.
I thought we should write in to clarify some points she noted as follow :

"Size is not all that matters, however. You might be surprised to learn that cats are not allowed in flats. Due to their nomadic nature, felines need to move around and the occasional face-off with another member of the species is inevitable. While vying for territory they might get into fights with other cats; in the quiet of the night, angry cats keep light sleepers awake.In addition, they may end up defecating or urinating all over the place. Woe to you if your cat "pops" a dollop of poo in front of your neighbour's apartment!"

I thought the writer should be informed that not all cats get into fights, especially when most cats now unlike the olden days are sterilised. Also responsible owners do not let their cat out to pop poo all over the neighbours' door.

Anonymous said...

Go to Stomp "ST Razor TV PointBlank" to view "On The Trail of A Cat Killer" by TNP reporter with interview with Seletar residents, vet and Ms Deidre from SPCA.

Anonymous said...

News reports of dying or dead cats should be written so that preventive measures are put in place so that these incidents do not happen again.
Hopefully not to sell more papers.