Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Kill

Thanks to Aminah for sending this video. It's very sad - and also upsetting, so you should skip it if you don't think it's for you.

It brought to mind the larger issue for me of shelters and No-Kill. Obviously, the situation is different in different parts of the world, but then I saw this on the No Kill Advocacy website - apparently, shelter. Apparently shelter directors in Australia, New Zealand and the US are now in a 'competition' to see who can first reach No-Kill status (Scroll down on this page to "The Race is On"). It leads me to wonder why in Singapore, a country we pride as being First in everything, that the authorities are not supportive of a No-Kill ethos, which is more humane and effective.

Interestingly as well, the No Kill Advocacy Centre is offering Redemption free to No-Kill shelters and rescue groups. I've bought a few copies to give out to people, all of whom found it a really insightful read. Winograd has just come out with another book - Irreconcilable Differences.

Even though this book is also supposed to be about American shelters, I suspect it will be much like Redemption, with lessons that I think are applicable to everyone.

I'm going to order a copy for myself - and because I thought Redemption was such a fantastic read, I'm going to order an extra copy of Irreconcilable Differences for one of you. If you'd like a chance to get your hands on a copy, please post a comment by 30th November midnight Singapore time, letting me know why you'd like to have it. The most creative/insightful/interesting comment 'wins' :) Don't add your email or mailing address on the blog - I'll ask you for it later if I'm mailing you the book. By the way, I'm not being sponsored in any way - and I haven't read Irreconcilable Differences yet either so don't ask me if it's good yet!


Anonymous said...

Msg from Aminah -
Thank you for adding this link to your blog Dawn. I don't understand people buying pets, and not saving animal lives by adopting from animal shelters. Does buying a pedigreed or purebred dog or cat give people a high class status?
Please adopt a companion cat or dog from animal shelter or rescue organisation. Do not buy from pet shops or breeders. Thousands of unadopted cats and dogs are killed each year because they are not wanted.

Aminah Bee.
Bee Kind To Animals.

Anonymous said...
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eslina said...

will definitely try and get the book soon... didn't know about Winograd's second book... Redemption was a really good read and an eye opener...can't wait to read Irreconcilable Differences. Thanks for the info, Dawn :)

Dawn said...

I didn't either eslina!

MaryDrolma said...

Dawn the link has been removed. Can you share what was the video about?

Aminah Bee said...

Mary, go to search engine, type out - Japan's dog death row video. You can find more videos there, even on another video too.
The news on "Ugly truth of lucrative Japan pet industry" features the video about Japanese pet owners fondness of buying pedigreed cats and dogs, and not adopting from pet shelters... also about pet owners giving up their pets to pet shelter, and within a week as no one adopting the cats, kittens and dogs, the animals are killed, put in gas chambers.
Much to my dismay, it is also happening here in Singapore, and everywhere in the world.
Please help save animal lives - adopt from animal shelter, don't buy from pet shops or pet breeders.

Aminah Bee.
>^..^< Bee Kind To Animals.

Dawn said...

Aminah had sent this site which didn't work for me, but which migh work for you :-