Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cats for rat patrol

Thanks to Chinky for sending this article. I like that it explained that rats tend to stay away more because of the smell, not always because cats are actively catching and killing them. I've found that when we moved into a rental home, that was certainly true.


Anonymous said...

Even before we even moved in, we saw a couple of rats in our rental place. We moved in with our cats & did not see a single rat in the year we were there.
When we moved back to our renovated house, our dogs sniffed out rats in the garden (previously workers' cooking area). Cats were not allowed out of house. Our dogs caught a couple of rats but the dogs' smell did not cause rest of rats to relocate-we had to set traps to move them elsewhere.
It only works with cats being right there !!

Anonymous said...

hi, do you by any chance have any idea how many cats does the cat welfare society in singapore takes care of now? and how do they select which cat needs to be put to sleep?
who puts them to sleep? AVA or?

Dawn said...

Anonymous - absolutely. Some people apparently try and use cat urine to keep rats away!

Anonymous - at least when I was there, CWS did not take in any cats as it was not a shelter. It is best you ask them directly though, as I am not sure of their current policies.

AutumnPiglet said...

Great article!

And it's true about cats and rats. The rats did disappear when I was at my rental. I've since moved and I've no rats at my new place either. :o)

Dawn said...

Someone I know just said they know friends who got a cat for the same reason.