Monday, November 30, 2009

Pet shops to be certified

Thanks to yskat for this article on how people running pet shops will soon have to undergo a compulsory training programme. While this is a good step in terms of hopefully at least impressing about pet shop owners what they should do, and how the animals should be treated while under their care, the real issue is that most pet shop owners who sell animals are in it obviously to make a profit. If they're too fussy about whom they sell the animals to, they'd go broke. In addition, why sell animals when there are so many animals that need to be adopted? I don't really see this making any real impact unfortunately.


catlady said...
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Anonymous said...

Its good news! This ensures that pet shops play a part in helping pet-buyers make informed choices. Also, when dog-owners are better informed on the continued care of their pets, the possibility of dogs being dumped sue to "disobedience" may decrease.

Anonymous said...

" When asked how the new course will increase pet owner responsibility, Dr Maliki said that improved pet shop standards means that pet buyers get better "after-sales service". "

Responsibility means better "after-sale" service?? How eh? Does responsibility mean passing the care of 'no-longer cute' 9 mths old puppy back to pet shop & get yr money back?
What is 'insurance' for? Insurancing for dog's health in case of major illnesses? Or it is to pay for victims of dog-bites as it is tagged to the breed of the dog.

Pet shops sell pets - a product, just like any product that makes money. Once the sales walked out of the shop - it is over. Do pet shops take back limp puppy after a week? Responsibility ?

AVA should make a public video to show HOW much work is needed to care for a dog - esp if the maid is sent home for good. Children will promise to do all chores to get a pet but promises generally do not match performance. Dogs will chew and bite (and pee at ramdom) before they are 1.5 yrs old. House-proud people (who like rugs, curtains, plants in gardens) shd not keep a dog without considering the "after-sales" effect.

It is bad news for pet shop owners.
They got to pay salaries of staff who wld be off for 24-hrs of training. What if the ah-tee who cleans litter of dogs for sale does not understand the medium of instruction for course at TP? Koon lah. Your mthly pet food bill may just go up with "responsibility".

Dawn said...

alohacats - I am doubtful about how much pet shop owners will in reality help buyers on informed choice. I remember someone who wrote in to me once mentioned she got fired by a pet shop because she was trying to tell the person who wanted to buy a pet how much the food would cost! The pet shop owner was angry because the person decided not to buy the animal.

Anonymous - it might be more useful making the pet OWNERS go for the course.

Anonymous said...

Buyers of pets attend pet owner responsibility (for whom it shd be intended for) course? Hhahha....

Who would say "No" to a pet? It is usually the woman of the house. Highlight urine&poo-stained curtains&rugs/broken shoes/chewed doors and uprooted plants on a woman channel/programme. Mention future holiday may be made more "ma-fan" with dog in house.
Once the woman shouts "no" - end of
"i want dog" whine. Repeat or re-run programme after exam results/before start of school holidays.

yskat said...

Most people will think twice about abusing another person because the consequences are enormous. In contrast, there're almost no consequences for abusing, neglecting or abandoning pets. (The anti-abandonment law is hard to enforce). I don't think any amount of education's going to help. If AVA is serious about responsible pet ownership, they should look into stopping the animal trade.

Anonymous said...

Pet lovers should have the right to get a pet of their choice.

However new pet owners need to know that many pets do not have perfect behaviour, they need attention, they are expensive to upkeep and they may not turn out as expected (pretty much like children).

If pet owners' expectations are high/unrealistic, they will be disappointed & pets get abandoned.
Many pet owners wld say: I pay big money for you pet, so you better behave as i tell you.

Oft heard: I want a lap cat. Wish it could be: I want to be the lap where cats sit on ;)

eslina said...

I agree with yskat.