Monday, November 2, 2009


Watch this video - and then tell me crows are dumb. I love that Joshua Klein tried to think of a way to make a 'pest' animal do something useful so that people would stop trying to get rid of them.

If anyone is going to try and make a crowbox, let me know. We're thinking of trying one!


Anonymous said...

I think it is possible to train corvids to do useful things, the problem is that they'll have to be captive raised because wild crows tend to be suspicious of people. And there's always the stigma associated with a so-called "pest" species, which is unfortunate because some of the most fascinating animals are also the least regarded.

Very good video though, thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

I agree Anonymous - there's a sterotype we have to overcome. Just look at how many people think cats are pests too - and they've been hunting rodents for years.

I believe all these crows in the video were all from the wild. He did mention that it would take a while for the crows to learn to accept the box - hence just putting peanuts in right at the beginning so they know it's safe.