Friday, September 19, 2008

Complain again

I can't believe it - but this woman apparently wrote to CWS again. And she repeated the same complaints ad nauseum. Apparently, she has a son who is quite seriously ill, and is in and out of hospital, for which I truly am sympathetic. However her grouse is with her mother in law. Her mother in law cares for some of the community cats in the neighbourhood - to make sure they don't have additional areas of contention, she even leaves the food OUTSIDE the house in a cupboard. Still the daughter in law is unhappy - she has again written to the MP, the TC and everyone else. The last time I spoke with the TC, they also agreed it was a family dispute.

The woman refuses mediation and just wants to complain to everyone. I wonder if it's a ploy to get rid of her mother-in-law, whom she doesn't seem to be very happy with.


Chinky said...

This persistent harassment of the mother-in-law seems to harbour on emotional abuse. Ask the victim to lodge a report with

Mary said...

It is possible Dawn. i remembered when a lady wanted to adopt Terry the dog, she was so convincing with her love, compassion and experience in handling untrained dogs; however 2 days later, she emailed me to collect back Terry saying in her exact words ' Having Terry is a good way to get rid of my mother-in-law' because her mother-in-law does not like dogs.