Monday, September 22, 2008

Working together

Some caregivers recently copied me on an email because pest control had been sent down to one of the caregiver's areas. It seems that the TC officer had recently been changed and someone new was there. In addition, when the caregivers saw the pest control on site, they approached the pest control personnel, who were seen wearing the uniform of one of the pest control companies. The pest control personnel then apparently claimed to be from NEA!

What I was impressed by was that the caregivers were not taken in by this, and one of them immediately wrote to the TC for clarification (the officer so far has been giving rather unsatisfactory answers to this one caregiver). Even more impressive though, was the fact that the other caregivers in the area also chimed in with their dissatisfaction. They wrote to query why the TC had done this, and wanted to get some answers even though their areas weren't affected directly during this occasion. I am pretty sure they will get a response to their concerted efforts.

It's this willingness to work together - and the fact that they are not isolationist in their approach (ie I only care about my cats in MY area) that makes this group so effective. If every group could work similarly, then the cats will be truly protected. Squabbles among caregivers really should have no place in dealing with the TC - if a united front cannot be presented, then why would the TC work with anyone in the area?

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