Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ST (3-9-08)

It's a little worrying how many of the comments in this forum post seem to be about how it isn't a big deal about bringing a whale shark into the Integrated resorts. ACRES and SPCA have been very vocal about their disagreement to this ill conceived idea.

Firstly, a whale shark isn't a 'pet' in any sense of the word. Secondly, even if the argument is that people want to see the whale shark up close, this isn't a zoo. Arguably zoos do have an important role to play - in conservation and also in allowing people to see animals up close. This is a commercial entity that is basically bringing in a novelty - what happens when the novelty is gone? Thirdly, a tank cannot replicate the shark's natural environment. When entertainment takes precedence over life and dignity, it makes one wonder.


Anonymous said...

I think our gahmen has done a good job of brainwashing the whole lot of Singaporeans to think of their own pleasures than the feelings of others, even the sharks.
The way we treat animals is an indication of how selfish we have become.
Now the gahmen wants the nation to be overinduldge in sports. Anything to win medals, even if they are won by "bought" foreigners, wasting taxpayers' $ to pay $750,00 to each of these silver medallist!

autumnpiglet said...

It's actually $750,000 for the team and not $750,000 each. Arguably, it's still alot of money, but giving monetary rewards for sporting achievement is not new.

As for the whale sharks. No matter what is said, RWS will still bring in the whale sharks. To them, it's a business decision. All that talk about conservation is just that. Talk. I'm wholly disappointed with them. My initial excitement of having a Universal Studios etc in Singapore has basically died after all this talk only but hardly any action from them.