Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Worrying track record

It is worrying that new US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin seems to have a record that scares most environmentalists and people concerned about animal welfare. Even more worrying, according to her friends on this video, she doesn't care for cats - this is a long video, skip to 5:25.


Paramesh said...

I'm new to singapore and i'm a student in NTU(and I'm participating in NTU cat feeding)... Uniquely I see here a lot of litters. That too this month i've seen a lot croped suddenly out of no where.

It is too tempting to feed them near my block but I'm so afraid of Singapore laws. I heard it is illegal to feed stray cats that we typicaly see near our blocks?? is that so? Will anybody complain against me for feeding them??


Dawn said...

Hi Paramesh and welcome to Singapore.

Feeding is not illegal in Singapore - but littering is. Are you involved in the NTU cat cafe programme? I know that they have certain guidelines - and certain spots to feed the cats. It is important to feed the cats in these specific areas because this ensures the cats stay there. This helps with sterilisation and so people will not complain. The worry is not so much about people complaining about you - but about the cats. So do get in touch with the Cat cafe people if you haven't already - I am sure they will appreciate the help.

Anonymous said...

Dislike her from the moment when she declared that she hunts, kills & eats a moose & supports war.

Came across this http://www.ontheissues.org/Sarah_Palin.htm

It seems to me she has pretty right wing views. Does the average Americans share this view though?


Dawn said...

Cat - I guess that's hard to say because how do you define an average American (or Singaporean for that matter)? :)

I know some people (not very well!) who hunt - and others who are vehemently anti-hunting and pro-vegetarian. Two of our ex-comm members are American and I'm quite sure they're not too keen on her :)

Paramesh said...

Thanks Dawn.