Friday, January 2, 2009

ST (2-1-09)

Nice to know we're just into the New Year and already we have a letter advocating the HDB rule be removed.


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lauchink; thank you, but I did not ask and not allowed for a advertiser. AVA, NEA, BCA, HDB and The Straits Times already knew who I am and as mentioned in Club Rad in the link which you had indicated. We are not to suppose to advertise, but did you do it to get me into trouble?

ST Forum and you have given me the opportunity to explain my stand on responsible ownership which AVA has promoting all this years. I have nothing personal on or against you, but let us stick to the subject on responsibility and HDB stand and the cats’ issue.

I presumed that you have been reading all that Dawn Kua, previously of Cats Welfare Society (CWS - 2006) and now posting under her own, claiming her righteous and I am not. I would advise that you and the new management of CWS to be realistic and not go-overboard nor it is me only that is going to answer for all the accusations. Since everyone has thrown it open, CWS, you and I have to answer them to the public and our authorities.

When I moved to my semi-detached house in 1976 it was cheaper than HUDC which I could not afford. It is a pity that you are now jealous on where I am. I will now address some of the accusations; I have with me 4 cat’s traps on loan to our neighbours who act and not just complained which AVA is thankful so there is no cost of traps and cheaper than neutering. I just learn in late 2007 from The Straits Times on how to use the computer to go on-line to read and go on-line for the forum page. This was when I first learnt of all the accusations besides Dawn Kua comments long ago in the CWS web-site.

The SCRS (Stray cat rehabilitation Scheme) which I never agreed was discontinued by AVA in 08 Oct 2003 as stated by one of the writers here. In spite of this in 2004/2005 Dawn tried to con me telling me that she has the full support of AVA in the on-going sterilization of stray cats which I knew is not true. The SCRS was meant to promote more responsible ownership to avoid unwanted kittens or cats. AVA until today promotes responsible owner-ship and do not encourage stray cats or community cats the name given by cat’s lovers or CWS.

Everyone wants the best of their pets which is a fact, but many vocal cats’ lovers here have the third-world mentality on responsibilities and expect people like me to say I am wrong and they are right. How many cats’ owners in apartments and not to mention those in landed properties, toilet-train their cats? Some argued that cats are clean creature which is a fact and bury their waste, but where they can dig when almost everywhere in our highly urban surrounding is turf or cemented? Can it be in the neighbours’ flowers’ pots or my flowers’ plots? Do you not think that most people especially cleaners can tell whether it is cats’ defecation or others? Let us be realistic and not blame humans as I read somewhere.

On the strays or the community cats can you or CWS tell me how many survive more than 4 years as against 10 years or more of their natural life? Who is responsible for them and the nuisances’ caused by them? Do you know that once you see cats with diarrhea especially those with traces of blood that even a vet cannot help as its end is near? Who is cruel or those like me who shorten their life by sending them to AVA or those who feed the strays and allow them to have a slow painful death? Why are people feeding stray; sympathetic, ignorant of the fact what will happen to them, do not know the nuisances caused, etc?

Ignorant cats’ lovers are fanatics blaming AVA, NEA, HDB and people like me for being cruel, but are they realistic on who is the actual cruel party, who are the people involved for the nuisances caused, etc and do all cats’ lovers or animals’ lovers are in agreement especially CWS stand on strays?

There have many articles in the past saying nasty things to those that are not in support of nuisances caused by cats that have silence those who are not as vocal as CWS members, but it does not mean that they are correct? Have any governments’ agencies replies satisfy CWS and their fanatic’s cat’s lovers supporters?

All of us including me would appreciate HDB relax on the about 50 year’s ruling on cats which actually have happened as could be seen by the numbers of those keeping them, but were there in any of the articles presented explained owners’ responsibilities and their responsibilities to neighbours and the public? Is feeding stray cats a kind, responsible act and in-line with owners’ responsibilities or a cruel irresponsible act causing a slow death? Does HDB or AVA think the same way?

In the link by lauchinky refer to articles ‘referal’ cats, I am not a naturalist or an expert on cats, but do we need rocket’s science to understand that it cannot apply to our small highly urban city? Do you not think that Singapore have a problem preventing animals from disappearing then worry of them becoming or want then to be wild again? If one were to read careful the report is meant for factual information on what can happen if animals are left in the wild after sometime as in the case of New Zealand, Australia and other countries and gave cats as example, but did not say that all will become wild. It is just like AVA’s SCRS stopped and Dawn Kua telling me 2005 that it is still supported by AVA after the cessation.

In spite of the articles reported and condemnation of cats’ lovers do you know why there was no change by the governments’ agencies? Did anyone propose how owners or comply owners to be responsible with their pets? Many responsible cats’ lovers are in agreement with responsible ownership and do not like to have strays being fed by ignorant lovers, but are they illogical? Are these people who are not vocal as those from CWS who condemn me and what Media Corp reported in their programs, are incorrect for not supporting stray cats or irresponsible owners? Does AVA encourage or support the feeding of stray cats?

A lot of complaints have gone to AVA, NEA and HDB and not a single one has a solution as this is a multi-agencies’ problems. Instead of pointing one another and get upset, why not call for legislation on cats’ ownership like the number that one can keep in one household like dogs? Can Mr. Mah Bow Tan of MND help?

If we have legislation for the offences on feeding monkeys and stray dogs, why can we not ban stray cats as well? I repeat, why is it that we have that are legislation for monkeys, dogs, chickens and ducks, but nothing on cats? I am sorry that this hurt the ignorant cats’ lovers, but I am being factual, why do you not check with the authorities on whether irresponsible owners are the root of the problems?
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Posted by Anonymous to Cats and Stuff at January 9, 2009 7:14 AM

Dawn said...

Sorry Anonymous - I meant to delete MY post and accidentally deleted yours.

He's still at it - but now he's making some pretty defamatory accusations against me while he's at it. If he can show how I 'conned' him, I'd be very interested, since AVA of course supports sterilisation. He has obviously as well never read up about the SCRS because the point of the SCRS which was of course the "Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme" was not about pet cats - but community cats. A point which Mr Tan somehow seems incapable of grasping.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan's posting was removed. Why?

Dawn said...

You'd need to ask the ST Anonymous, but I believe it is due to the defamatory remarks that the poster made in his post.

Anonymous said...

Sue him and use the compensation to save more cats that he has killed!