Friday, January 23, 2009

ST (23-1-09)

A letter from CWS on the East Coast cats as well - glad to see they wrote in. One of the caregivers said that the Big Splash has been pretty co-operative so far and that they are not inclined to see the cats being killed either. If anyone wants to email and ask Big Splash to please continue working on a TNRM programme, and to thank them for continuing to support a humane and effective cat management programme, here's the email address :-

The manager is a Mr Justin Tan.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Justin Tan

It is a relief to read that your management is not reacting to the complaint by Mrs Serene Tan by culling the cats.

It is unfortunate that Singaporeans like Mrs Serene Tan and her children miss the opportunity of learning to live with cats or other animals and perceive them as nuisance to be feared and removed.

Thank you for the courage to do the "right" thing.

With warmest regards and a happy new year to you and your staff.

**name given**

N said...

Good God. People and their imaginary diseases. Can someone help me convince these blockheads on ST that they are not going to contract a lethal disease from a stray cat and die?

Dawn said...

Good for you to keep trying, though I am pretty sure it's a lost cause. It's just the one person though right?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Justin Tan,

Thank you for not supporting the idea of culling the cats. And it's really great of you to do the right way of controlling the stray problem. Thank you so much for continuing to support a humane and effective cat management programme.

God will bless you for your kindness.

Thanks once again and Happy CNY!

*name given*

(I just email to him. Pls send the email too.)