Monday, January 12, 2009

TNP (11-1-09)

Thanks to Chinky for sending this in - it's amazing to see how much time, money and effort caregivers put in. I am constantly astounded by their dedication.


Chinky said...

We like strays but we would like a clean environment too
11 January 2009
Electric New Paper

WE have been reading a lot about cat lovers, their love for strays, the effort and money they spend on these creatures and how all they want is for others to respect their ways.

It's about time some feedback is given to cat lovers about how their feeding of strays poses an inconvenience to other residents.

In my estate at Aljunied Crescent, I have noticed people feeding stray cats at different times each day for as long as I can remember.

The feed varies from dried pet food to leftovers wrapped in newspapers.

During feeding times, there are seven to 10 cats at the lift landing or the void deck, and this can be quite scary for residents trying to use the lift, especially young kids.

After feeding, the leftovers are not cleaned up. And the strays often get more than they can eat, resulting in more leftovers.

The result is a dirty, smelly and unhygienic environment.

I am surprised that for so long nobody has spoken out about this. Perhaps, people do not want to be labelled as animal haters and choose to bear with it.

We respect cat lovers' compassion for these strays. At the same time, I hope other residents' wish for a clean and pleasant environment can be respected too.

A solution could be organising a feeding schedule among cat lovers in the area, and they could be given a designated spot where they would not disturb others and where they will be expected to clean up after every feed.

If the cat lovers do this, other residents will be able to truly appreciate their efforts.


Chinky said...

I have been to Aljunied Crescent on several occasions and what I saw was human litter.
Granted that irresponsible cat feeders are inexcusable but why myopically focused on cat feed leftover.
This letter assumes cat feeders know each other but they don't. So how to coordinate unless the TC or RC accepts cat feeding and organise a club club.
Setting an area for feeding is a good idea but don't degrade cat feeding to a an area next to the garbage storage as was suggested by some town council officerss