Friday, January 9, 2009

ST (9-1-09)

Here's a letter in the forum page complaining about cats in HDB flats and more importantly that the rule doesn't work - which it doesn't. Does anyone besides the HDB (and people who complain to them) still trot out the cats are nomadic rule? The fact is anything can be 'nomadic' - so are dogs, or babies left unattended. The problem is the irresponsible owner - and honestly the owner is just being smart. If cats are not allowed, then the cat which wanders isn't IN the flat and hence he is not breaking any law.

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Anonymous said...

So HDB is really being stupid to think that a ban will prevent problems but in fact create more problems. When will MBT be smart enough to remove the ban!? So that these irresponsible owners can be punished and stop from picking home cats again!