Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dogs help prevent allergies

Another study shows that owning a dog may help prevent allergies in children. There have already been studies showing that having both cats and dogs helps with allergies.


Anonymous said...

sadly not much parents CHOOSE to believe in this.
my parents are one of them..

Anonymous said...

True, it is what one CHOOSES to believe.

I grew up with dogs. There were 2cats in the house when i brought my new-born baby home.

How did i allow my baby to grow up with hair all over the floor? Our floor was vaccumed & wiped twice a day. It was as clean as anybody's floor.
Wiping the floor is a very small price to pay for having the cats around. No, i did not give up my cats, my baby grew up with them.

My "new-born" is now 30+ yrs old.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with allergy can look for products in a shop called allercare.

Anonymous said...

If freaky clean = good health, why the outbreak of HFMD?

Too many human! But then again, we can't cull them. In fact we are importing more!!

Dawn said...

Yes - it does strike me as interesting that HFMD which seems to have struck far more people than a lot of other diseases seems to occasion far less panic.