Thursday, April 17, 2008

No NRIC number?

Some of you may remember this case. It seems that it's just gotten worse and that the situation has deteriorated further. According to a caregiver in the estate now, there has been defecation flung over the fence.

I spoke with the direct neighbour of the man whom the Scarecrow was loaned to (and the Scarecrow is still with him). She went to the police and apparently there was a Magistrate's order given for the two parties to go for Mediation in December, which she wants to do. Unfortunately, they did not have the identity card numbers for the two parties, and the case was referred to the police. She said that the police have said they are unable to get the numbers of the parties involved for some reason. The Magistrate told her it should take thirty days and it's been four and a half months. Since then one more of her cats was caught and has been returned. I advised her to seek help from someone higher up than the officer in charge of her case because it does seem very odd it should take so long to get details like your NRIC number.

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