Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now the cats are at risk too

It seems that after this letter came out, a maelstrom erupted in the area. As I feared, some people who like dogs are now threatening to come after the cats. I'm not sure if the threat was to do harm to the cats directly, or if they were just going to call the TC and ask that the cats be removed. One of the caregivers in the area said that they received a threat and now the cats are also in danger. Here's one of the problems that can happen when you write to the press - it does focus a lot of attention on the area, and also brings negative publicity not just to what you highlight but also on other issues which were brought up incidentally.

I can understand the cat caregivers wrote in because they felt if the dogs are removed, that their cats will be safe. However as any caregiver knows, removal where the animal ends up in the AVA means death. Having seen that, a dog caregiver may well feel the same way - if the cats are removed too (and killed of course), then the dogs won't be in danger either because there won't be complaints against them.

It's a vicious cycle - and the only victims are the animals, both cats and dogs.

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