Sunday, April 27, 2008

Save the Sharks

I'm sure some of you saw this in the papers last week. I know a bunch of you draw (unlike me!) so please do doodle on this and mail it off. It is to the US National Marine Fisheries Service Director - but he will be speaking at an International meeting in November. Now is a good time to show that people around the world do support catch limits as well.


Anonymous said...

I must have ate countless bowls of shark fins soup at countless wedding dinners for decades but cannot remember what it tastes like now.
How to eat?? Sure to have beady eyes looking at you - from humans around you and sharks in your dreams. Better chomp on a stalk of celery instead : ) Eventually it becomes a choice.

jules said...

People still think i am weird when i politely decline to eat shark's fin soup at dinners and functions, and will explain nicely why i won't when asked. Well, I hope more and more people will stop supporting the shark's fin industry.

calsifer said...

thanks for this. Silly me never thought to look online for Sherman's home, was fretting how to find scanner to scan in the cartoon in Sunday's papers :P

interestingly, picked up my rant. It'll be interesting to see if Singaporean blog readers even care about this.

D said...
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Dawn said...

Nice work Calsifer!