Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Black Cat

Black Cat, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

I saw this lovely sterilised cat yesterday. Unfortunately, I saw an AVA van across the road at the same time. I went and spoke with the people whose shop this cat came from, and they told me that they had seen the van and wondered why it was there. The woman told me that she thought the AVA only regulated food safety. I told her that they did loan out cat traps (as this was a non-HDB area) and that while I didn't know why the van was there, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on their cat. The man told me that there were quite a number of community cats in the area.


Anonymous said...

AVA does not trap cats right? They only loan out their traps, am i right?
There is a new appointed AVA Chairman Mr Koh Soo Keong, effective 1 Apr. He was the former deputy chairman, do you think will there be any changes/effect if we write in again about all the issues we have been trying so hard to get AVA to work on.
Public Service week will be from 14 to 20 May. Perhaps we should work on our letters to the civil servants during that week to commend or condemn their works :)

Dawn said...

Anonymous - yes that's correct, though I suspect someone probably borrowed a trap in the area.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to write into the Chairman Anonymous. Thanks for sharing that information.

Judith said...

Thanks for publishing the link to the article, Dawn. Let's hope the favorable publicity will encourage NTU to continue its support for the CMN now that it's a student club.

There were many who worked long and hard and contributed their own money to this project and who aren't mentioned in the article; Vicki Tan and Graham Leedham, Neil and Cynthia MacKnish, Catherine Cheng, Linet Ozdamar, Phyllis Wachob and Derrick Ng, to name some of the staff, plus some committed grad students like Kevin Tan, who did so much to get the cats' images before the eyes of the students. It's a pity they weren't mentioned, but I do it here to remind everyone that these efforts are not the work of a couple of heroes but a lot of caring people working together to get the job done. Meanwhile, it's good that Samantha Eng focussed on the future--the students.


Dawn said...

Thanks Judith - and a timely reminder that it's often the work of a lot of people over a long period of time, and isn't an 'overnight' success story. It's a tremendous credit to everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

Please Stop the Free Loan of Cat Traps for the Purpose of Killing Cats