Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Animals abandoned

Now the mortgage crisis in the US is affecting cats too - like Princess Chunk (actually Powder). Sadly, it's not unusual in Singapore either - because of problems with housing, people give up their animals, whether it be because of work, losing a house, a divorce or other reasons.

Some of these problems are unavoidable - but if there IS any way to plan and someone thinks their life isn't stable enough for an animal, then please don't get one. When people date and have a 'joint pet', what happens when they break up and no one wants the animal for example? Or if you know you're living in a rental apartment that doesn't allow animals and that you have to move?


Anonymous said...

Hari Raya is round the corner!
So watch out for dumped cats!
I just saw two wearing collars in my neighbourhood!
Time to get active again, trailing them, getting them used to being fed and then napped for sterilisation,i.e. before they get killed by cats or human abusers!

If only we can get our hands on their abandoners ! We will give them a taste of what they do to their home cats!

Anonymous said...

So true.
Changes happen all the time.

If potential adopters do not own the houses they are staying in - i would not consider them as suitable adopters.

True, nothing in life is certain (except death and taxes) but one shd always try to minimise the risks.