Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cats to be killed

Thanks to Tarsiergirl for sending this in - I have actually been to Laguna Park and the cats there are very well managed. With all the en bloc disagreements going on, one wonders if this is actually motivated by other non-cat motivations yet again - and the cats are the ones who pay as usual. I remember reading a while ago that residents were vandalising and scratching other residents' cars - so are the cats really to blame?


Mary said...

Hi Dawn, good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

The behaviour of the people at Laguna Park should tell us of the state of our morality or the lack of it. It's all about $$$. Cats are blamed because owners spent big $$ buying cars!

Truly the way we treat animals tell us about the morality of our country!

Anonymous said...

The New Paper 26 August 2008 Page 16. Two residents of Laguna Park woke up to find their front doors stuck with glue to their door frames.
A man was arrested according to NP.
He was believed to be a resident at the private housing estate (I believe that means arrested man is a resident of Laguna Park).

Vandalism of cars, glue to seal keyholes of 8 letter boxes, doors sealed with glue, proposed culling of cats - these are activities of people who wanted to scare residents into signing the en-bloc sales agreement.

The cats will have to be moved out if en-bloc is successful. The cats' care-givers are probably people who may not sign the en-bloc sales agreement. The cats they cared for are now threatened with culling. Very simple - you don't sign-your cats die.

Didn't know got people like this here in SG behaving like gangsters scaring people.
Wow....what is SG coming to?? I thought this only happens to other people in other countries.

Dawn said...

Thanks Mary - am still away though :)

I am horrified as well to hear that people are going to such drastic lengths in order to get a good 'price' for their apartments. It's of course natural to want to get a good deal - but to what lengths will you go? Furthermore, frankly, the market looks like it's already going south.

Georgie said...

I don't think the cats are the culprits. But they do sometimes sleep on car's bonnet / roof.

If so, where possible, a spray of water in its face will solve the problem once and for all. No harm done to the cat.

Anonymous said...

ST 28Aug08 Pg B3. The chairman of the management committee at Laguna Park was said to be "arrested" on suspicion of glueing shut 2 residents' apartment doors.

Cats are pawns in this en-bloc sale of flats. If en-bloc is successful, cats will have to move.

Hi 'cher-mia', if managemt tactics of corrosive liquid/paint and glue work, en-bloc will be successful. Let the cats stay till the demolition teams come in.
Hhahaa...waste money on surveillance cameras for what? You know cameras where right?

Anonymous said...

I received this sms "Laguna Park condo, the new MC chairman, Mr Lee, gave instructions to cull the cats within the compound. There are about 11 cats cared by a group of animal lovers for more than a decade. One of the reasons is that the cats scratched one of the cars there not once but twice? From now on, the committee members all voted to go ahead with the culling and they mentioned that they do not wish to see any stray cat within the compound."

In ST today
"THE chairman of the management committee at Laguna Park, recently hit by a spate of vandalism, was arrested this week on suspicion of gluing shut two residents' apartment doors.
No charges were brought against Mr Lee Kok Leong, 61, who has since been released on police bail. "

Anonymous said...

Sad case, now we know why the management is so eager to shift blame...f--in losers

Dawn said...

What happens to the culprits who DID get caught scratching the cars (and sticking glue on door frames) then? Do they get culled too? Surely being unable to get out of your house is a worse crime than having your car scratched - yet the human culprits are certainly not going to see such a drastic fate as being trapped and killed, nor should they of course. A little compassion would go a long way.

Anonymous said...

I practically choked on the first two comments on that page.

I thought Singaporeans couldn't go any lower than where I think they are right now - in the deepest pits in the deepest bowels of the deepest part of hell - but this has clearly shown that Singaporeans are several zillion times much lower than that.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify my comment, I meant the comments on the news article page that was linked to in the post.

Anonymous said...

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

--Albert Einstein