Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rare breed of love

I was at the bookstore and saw this very interesting book about a three legged dog. Apparently the author adopted the dog, Baby, and they started a campaign against puppy mills and to encourage people to adopt their animals instead of buy them.


Anonymous said...

We have our own puppy mills here that we must put a stop too!
Those of us who have had the opportunities to be near these dog mills during the hours when there were no customers, we heard howling of pain, vocal abuses from human in all kind of obscenities in dialects, Mandarin and English, and we saw workers carry out big bags containing what we could only suspect, and sometimes we found dead puppies in the dustbins.
Yet the weekends are filled with ignorant people shopping to buy a cute puppy!
We must stop these atrocities!

adriane said...

Not only puppy mills but also "cat lovers" that profess only predigree cats can give them the kind of love they want... Strays are well just strays..

Anonymous said...

yes, please spread the word and do not support these cruel puppy mills right here in our own backyard. Pasir ris farmway has lots and lots of these sad puppy mills. several are operated by the same damn folks who run petmarts (retail petshops), dog-runs, dog-training, boarding 'pet hotels'. as long as you see the sign, [puppies for sale], you can be sure that there is blood money and the worse animal abuse involved. by the way anonymous, i'm really not quite sure how "ignorant" people can be...are they really ignorant? plain stupid or simply refusing to face reality. come on, really. my personal opinion is that they are another category of animal abusers and not at all ignorant (stupid yes, though). the relevant authorities are not helping. puppy mills are operate from homes. and right straight to the petshops. oh, and pedigree kitties too. you can literally view one such pathetic "kitty-mill" at a well known petshop (which several shops islandwide) in the east, at the frankxl avenue estate. my colleague just told me of her neighbour who bought a puppy for their 6-year-old daughter and the puppy is now caged up 24/7 with little to eat. so yes, stop these atrocities!

Dawn said...

One misconception I've noticed is that people think cats and dogs that are up for adoption may be 'violent' or 'abused' and hence may be aggressive. Some people felt buying a pedigree dog or cat meant that it would be safer for their families and children - when in fact, most animals that go through shelters are temperament tested, unlike dogs that are bred.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous
Please contact the SPCA about "the puppy is now caged up 24/7". It will send an officer to speak to the owner.

Many years ago, a neighbour who lived above me bought a poodle after the son saw me having one. The family was Taiwanese. Soon the dog felt sick and it was then caged in at the back. We went to speak to the owner who sold us the dog. He was covered with faeces. He also developed kennelism because of prolonged caging. He kept running round and round in circles. After he was neutered and after a long period of loving him,he was rehomed to a retire where he spent the rest of his life in bliss.

AVA must do more!!
Stop the puppy mills in pasir ris farmway!

Anonymous said...

my friend is monitoring the situation at her neighbours and i have encouraged her to call the spca. but i have a worry. if spca speaks to them but the dog remains with them and they get angry and put the dog somewhere else where neighbours cannot see and watch over, it'll be worse for the dog. i'm fearful of this. imagine abused cats kept and abused inside toilets compared to abused cats caged up along a common corridor. who can help if the abuse is kept away from public knowledge? your very stupid taiwanese neighbour makes me sick. she/he even had the cheek to sell you the dog?? someone i know had to pay a damn home-breeder money in order that she can rescue a jackrusell bitch who was to be thrown out after months of rape! i'm particularly sensitive to animal noises coming from a residence because there are several people who makes a living just by breeding from home.

AVA? my friends and myself have contacted them regarding the EXACT addresses of these abusive puppy mills but nothing was done. A few years ago, i contacted AVA regarding badly-treated rabbits at a stupid birdshop at balestier area and guess what. these garmen folks did get back to me but only to tell me that the cage which the rabbits are locked in is within their specification. the cage by the way, only allows the TWO rabbit to lie withOUT being able to stretch out their legs. every mm of the cage was 100% rusty. the rabbits were lying on urine and facaes. there was NO water for the rabbit. and the cage was place under sunlight. and AVA got back to me just to say that they have checked and that the cage was within specs!!!! WTF and FT for this, i pay lots of tax money to these loafers. when i went to check on the rabbits again, the sickening bastaxd birdshop owner told me sarcastically that his rabbits have gone to stay in a condo. the bastaxd had a smirk and i feared the worst for the rabbits. this is why sometimes, i hesitate calling on authorities because if nothing REAL and SUBSTANTIAL is done in action for the abused animals, things often become worse.

Anonymous said...

yes, dawn. in fact the many mongrel dogs and pedigree ones at the half-shelter that i know, are very well temperamented.

Dawn said...

Anonymous one of the problems with paying the people you know who are breeding, is that despite your very worthy intentions (to save the dogs), the problem is that these people don't care. It's a case of even sort of rewarding bad behaviour - ie this kind hearted person is so upset by my behaviour that they'll pay me MORE money to get the dog away.

The question is really a tough one. Will the dog be better on the streets (if abandoned) or with them? With some families I would argue life on the street is actually preferable than the life they live with these people. If however there is a clear case of abuse, please don't just call the SPCA - call the police and report them for abuse. It is difficult though to get evidence but if more people are prosecuted, people will think twice. This hasn't actually happened yet.